ZANTOB Fabrics & Wallcoverings

Siblings combination Suzanna and Ricardo initialized the plans to create the spectacular Arte showroom in Kemang, Indonesia after developing a love for the amalgamation of business and design throughout their university years. Their affiliation with Arte began early on when they used to sell the products door to door from a small office room. Becoming wildly successful they soon captured their first commercial project at the prestigious ‘Lumire’ Hotel in Senen, Jakarta. Towards the end of 2010 Arte was blessed with the opportunity to move to an exclusive showroom in the strategic and prestigious Kemang area.

Having a global understanding of trends through Suzanna’s studies in the United Kingdom and Ricardo’s in Australia they have a deep understanding of design and know luxury when they see it. Ricardo now holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and Business Marketing and Suzanna in Banking and Finance. The joint experience of both siblings complement each other and provide the perfect basis in which to join together in a business venture of this nature, especially with their business accruement and impeccable eye for taste and style.

Suzanna and Ricardo work on the principle that ‘it is a blessing to bless others’ and that is exactly what they do. They always endeavor to not only bless your home with style and luxurious products but to make the whole experience problem free. From themoment you enter you will be guided by a team of experienced employees ready to cater to your every need and advise where necessary.

Suzanna and Ricardo are family and when you shop at Arte you become part of the Arte family too. So, what does the future hold for PT. Pelopor Arte Indonesia? Suzanna and Ricardo aim to keep providing you with the best of innovative and ever evolving design, but for Suzanna and Ricardo, the business is not purely monetary. They’re not happy until their customers and employees are happy too. For this reason PT. Pelopor Arte Indonesia, after achieving all their initial aims, are now focusing on building the perfect working environment.

Their future goals are to make the employees truly happy. They have already provided employees with free meals, health care and uniform but in the near future, they want their own buildings with complete facilities that cater for all of their staff’s needs including providing a creche.