Ever since its creation in 1981 Arte has been known for its passion for beautiful wallcoverings. Arte wallcoverings are varied in style. From the most sumptuous classic interiors to the minimalism of avant-garde interiors. Arte has a wide range of refined products for all tastes.

Arte wallcoverings create comfort and elegance. They reflect the good taste and refinement of the owner. This is why our products adorn the walls of both residential interiors and project interiors all over the world.

Arte headquarters are located in Zonhoven, Belgium. The company has teered and international course since it was first founded and today it is active in more than 80 countries. Arte opened its first showroom in Paris at the beginning of 2010. Arte distributes its products around the world via a network of dealers in retail as well as contract markets. It has its own branches in France, Germany, UK, EIRE and the Benelux.